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          我们的简历是如此广泛,我们可以做到这一点。低年级学生学习广泛的诗歌,​​散文,戏剧,从不同世纪和世界各地的拉非小说类的;任务被安装在修订的主要教学目标 KS3框架.  

          今年7引入各种文本和学生在每种类型的他们的写作风格和准确性;剧纳入实用英语安排发出的教训,将在性能在夏季学期通常达到高潮。今年8整合并扩展了这些技能,使用作为支持英语挑战课本。视为逐年9对于其中的文本和任务得到解决更高层次的GCSE准备;重点单位包括第一次世界大战的文学, 麦克白 和抗议的文学。

          10年和11按照09.01的爱德思GCSE课程 英语 和 英国文学. The new-style specifications have no coursework and all written assessment is by exam. The two Language papers test response to unseen fiction and non-fiction texts; and examine a broad range of writing types including creative, argumentative and informative writing. Speaking & Listening is tackled throughout the two years of the course and culminates in a short exam in the Spring Term of Year 11, for which a separate endorsement is awarded. The two Literature papers focus on drama, poetry 和 prose, the second paper including response to an unseen poem.  As at A Level, the secret of success is a detailed appreciation of the manipulation of language in each context.

          一个水平英语是一种流行的文献在第bet36体育官网形式非常选项。类是运行作为研讨会与学生研究和来自新,直线绘制文本内容广泛的意见呈现 OCR规范的水平

          This two-and-a-half-hour exam will test your knowledge of three texts, one of which must be a Shakespeare play (such as Hamlet, The Tempest or Richard III.)  You will have to answer a passage question and an essay question on your set play.  The second section places a drama text and a poetry text together for comparison.  戏剧 includes Webster: The Duchess of Malfi; Ibsen: A Doll’s House; or Goldsmith:  She Stoops to Conquer.  Poetry choices include Milton: Paradise Lost Books 9 & 10; Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems; or Chaucer: The Merchant’s Prologue 和 Tale.  The emphasis in this unit is on seeing more than one side of the coin:  you will need to weigh interpretations of the texts against each other.  We will take you to see productions of the plays where available.


          • 医生小号道林纸(英语的头)
          • 杜p主教
          • 尤ħ公鸭(KS3协调员)
          • 杜升伊迪 (KS4协调员)
          • 先生[R赫德
          • 我罗斯博士 


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