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          Our Choir maintains a steady membership of around 80 students each year, performing a wide range of repertoire including large scale choral works such as Faure’s Requiem and arrangements of popular songs (we recently performed a medley of songs from James Bond movies). The Choir occasionally performs outside school and there are yearly tours abroad, recent destinations including Venice, Chatres, Slovenia and this year will be going to Wallonia & Maastricht.




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          "Ninety young musicians performed at the Festival Hall at the Bled Festival, where they introduced themselves to both classical and more popular world music.

          In addition to the large number of students who, in the context of their schooling - whether aiming to obtain a high school or university diploma - choose music as one of their main subjects, they also provide other students with a very comprehensive program of extracurricular music activities."

          Journalist: Špela Lausegger

          Cinematographer: Žiga Resman

          Editing: Dani Tomažič

          Instrumental 音乐

          Our Senior Orchestra is of a very good standard, tackling repertoire such as Smetana's Moldau and John Williams’ ‘Superman March’ with considerable success. We have smaller Intermediate and Junior Bands which help students develop the confidence and ensembles skills necessary for playing instrumental music to a good level.

          Chamber Orchestra is a group of auditioned string players, occasionally supplemented by wind players depending on the repertoire being performed. They are of a very good standard, performing music such as Bartok’s ‘Romanian Folk Dances’ and Massenet’s ‘Meditation’. Members of the Senior and Chamber Orchestras often accompany the choir on tour.

          Big Band plays jazz standards to a good level, and there is usually considerable overlap in membership between this group and Senior Orchestra. Oftentimes, musicians who play a non-coventional orchestral instrument such as baritone saxophone will be able to join orchestra and play a newly arranged part.

          There are a number of other instrumental ensembles catering for particular instruments and/or styles, which include: Sax Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Wind Quintet, Rock School, Jazz Ensemble (exploring more improvisation), Intermediate Band, Junior Band and Percussion Ensemble.

          音乐al Theatre

          Each year the department puts on a major musical, which in recent years has been a real highlight of the school calendar. The most recent production, ‘Guys and Dolls’ was a great success, with outstanding performances from the cast and band, as well as being directed by a student!

          Upcoming 事件

          Spring Concert: 17th March 2020

          Charter Hall School Prom: 20th March 2020

          We very much hope to see you there!

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